Monday, November 10, 2008

The Media Satirizes Itself

It is a sacred tenet of the lunatic left that the "corporate media" is biased against Democrats. Seriously. They believe that. Well, I'm not saying that Jon Friedman of CBS Market Watch belongs in that group, but this article about how Barack Obama can "win over the media" really makes me wonder what he was watching during this last election cycle. Here's a breathtaking taste of media self-parody:

The worst thing Obama can do right off the bat is gain a reputation for complaining about his coverage in the media. He should accept it, much as he did during the campaign against Sen. Hillary Clinton, then versus McCain. Obama took the high road, time and again, and it paid off. The Washington media will appreciate it when he grants interviews and holds press conferences. But Obama will thrive in the spotlight when he shows that he's in charge -- not the pesky reporters.

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